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 Yeshua, yeshiva and YOU!

calendar of events​


going beyond the weekly Sabbath service

A Spirit Filled Messianic - Jewish Community

Serving, preparing and beckoning EVERYONE for the hastening of the redemption of the world 

through Messiah Yeshua in His Jewish context

Free "Kosher Pastor" New Series

Jerusalem: Past, Present, and Future

Wednesdays at 7:000 pm, followed by discussion - click to watch on Zoom

Join Pastor Matt and Rabbi Shapira as they travel both ancient and modern Jerusalem. In this course we will look at the first and second temple and talk about the 3rd Temple. Who will build it? We will look at Jerusalem's Haredi (ultra orthodox) population and ask them personally about the present day state of Israel. Do they support it? Finally we will look at the Last Days with an actual 400 year old scroll of Jeremiah at the Western Wall. Where is the Messiah today? Is he ready to return? Join us!

Class topics 

The two judgements of Yeshua in Jerusalem

The Tomb of David

Yaakov Hatzaddik

The Temple and the New Jerusalem

The RAMBAN synagogue and prophecy

100 Gates and the coming of the Messiah

The prophetic future and the prophet Jeremiah

Aglow Book Club

2020 Schedule (subject to change)

1st and 3rd Mondays of the month

Via Zoom until further notice. Email Linda [email protected]

9:30 – 11:00 a.m. study/prayer

Tentative Schedule:

3/16/20 new book: The Emotionally Healthy Woman

4/6/20 The Emotionally Healthy Woman Chapter 1

4/20/20 The Emotionally Healthy Woman

5/4/20 The Emotionally Healthy Woman

5/18/20 The Emotionally Healthy Woman

Email Linda for link.